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Who We Are

Dynavax GmbH (Dynavax Europe), is the European affiliate of Dynavax Technologies Corporation. For more than 25 years, we have been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.

Dynavax Europe is led by an experienced management team with demonstrated expertise in vaccine and biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing.

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What We Have Achieved

Dynavax Europe (formerly known as Rhein Biotech) is using a state-of-the-art technology based on Hansenula polymorpha which has been continuously improved since the late Eighties. The Hansenula polymorpha technology is a basis for a number of global vaccines and biopharmaceuticals registered in over 90 countries world-wide and distributed over national and supra-national organizations (UNICEF, PAHO etc.) such as:

HepavaxGene® (3-dose Hepatitis B) Johnson & Johnson
Quinvaxem® (Pentavalent vaccine) Johnson & Johnson
Reiferon® (α-Interferon) Rhein Minapharm
Thrombexx® (Hirudin) Rhein Minapharm
Gen Vax B® (3-dose Hepatitis B) Serum Institute of India
Biovac-B® (3-dose Hepatitis B) Wockhardt Ltd, India
Wosulin® (Insulin) Wockhardt Ltd, India
Phytase SP1002® (Phytase) DSM (Roche Vitamins)
Grindamyl™ (Hexose Oxidase) Danisco    

We have out-licensed these products to our partners, transferring the production technologies for implementation at their manufacturing facilities. In addition, we have supported the development and GMP manufacturing of several product candidates that are currently in clinical development or close to registration.

We have developed manufacturing processes for multiple subtypes of hepatitis B virus antigens for clinical and commercial use. For the diagnostic market, we have used our vaccine production technologies to manufacture and supply recombinant antigens.


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